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Tour TIP

Busan Sightseeing Information Service +82+51+1330
Available in English, Japanese and Chinese
Simple interpreting service also available for communication in taxis,
restaurants and such services when needed.
User Guide
Cost : Standard telephone call cost
Available times : 24 hours
How to Use : Simply dial 1330 from within Busan.
                        From outside of Korea, dial 82 and then the area number without '0', followed by+1330 (e.g.+82+51+1330)
                        To call from Busan for information on other areas, dial the area code followed by 1330
                        (e.g. For information on Seoul, dial 02+1330 from Busan)

Useful Phone Namber

Police 112
Fire and Ambulance 119
BBB volunteer service for translation +82-51-1588-5644
Tourist Complaint Center +82-51-861-1101


Consulate General of the
People's Republic of China in Busan
Consulate-General of
Japan at Busan
Consulate-General of
Japan at Busan
Consulate of Cote d' lvorie
in Busan
Honorary Consulate of France
in Busan
Consulate of the Republic of
Consulate of Spain in Busan +82-51-611-0052
Consulate of the lslamic
Republic of Pakistan in Busan