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Cultural Tour

Korean Culture Experience
Gijang Culture Decorum Youth Center Gijang Culture Decorum Youth Center
Gijang Culture Decorum Youth Center teaches traditional Korean etiquette and manners. You will have a great chance to learn Korean traditional culture and play a traditional Korean instrument.

Gijang Culture Decorum Youth Center Hanbok Experience Hall
You can enjoy the small exhibition of the Hanbok,
put on Hanbok at Hanbok Experience hall.

Telephone : 070-8840-1472
Address : BEXCO, Exhibition Center 1, Office Building(1st floor)
Operating Hours : 10:00 am ∼ 5:00 pm(Mondays Closed)
Temple Stay
Beomeo Temple Stay Beomeo Temple Stay
Beomeosa has a 1300 year-old history. Beomeosa Temple stay is not only about Buddhism but a cultural-experience program(108 bows, Communal Buddhist Meal Service(Balwoo gongyang), Community work(Ulyeok), Tea Ceremony(Dahdo) etc.) to help you understand Korea better, in addition to experiencing a Korean Buddhist monastic life.

Website :
Beomeo Temple Stay Hongbeopsa templestay
Hongbeopsa templestay is highly recommended for those who need to spiritually recharge their batteries and experience a special way of life in a tucked-away sanctuary.

1.Diverse Seasonal Programs: Dharma talks over tea with the Abbot, Sitting Meditation, 108 Prostrations, Tea Ceremonies, Making 108 Buddhist rosaries, Making lotus lanterns, Having formal monastic meals, Practicing calligraphy, Learning traditional monastic dance(Bara & Nabi), Korean Traditional Paper Crafts, and so on.

2.Beautiful, outdoor surroundings, fresh air, Modern accommodation facilities, and Easy Access. *Inquiries: 051-508-0345/010-2759-1315(English Guide)
Traditional Korean Food Experience
Making Korean raw rice wine Making Korean raw rice wine
Sangseong Makkeolli is the No.1 folk liquor in Korea. The key to the taste of Sangseong Makkeolli lies in the use of handmade malted wheat (Korean rice-wine starter) called ‘Nuruk’ and bedrock water from Mt. Geumjeongsan.
Making Traditional Korean food Making Traditional Korean food
You can make Traditional Korean food such as Dongnae Pajeon(Korean-style Fried Seafood & Vegetable Pancake) and Korean soy sauce etc.
Making Rice cake Making Rice cake
Making Rice cake
It is one of traditional folk customs that has been performed for important events of festivals from old times. Women and kids in village used to see sturdy young men pounding on steamed rice. You canexperience one of folk customs that goes the way of other lost traditions at 'Hurgsiru'.

Website :
Spa Land, Sinsegae Centum city Spa Land, Sinsegae Centum city
Spa Land, Sinsegae Centum city
This is a multiple shopping and pastime center where you can enjoy one-top shopping, leisure activities, recreation, and entertainment, with spa, nail art, and aroma massage.

Website :
HurShimChung HurShimChung
This is the biggest spa in Asia and can accommodate about 2,000 guests, The spa offers a special bath that mixes water, seasonal natural plants, and Chinese, medicinal herbs.

Website :
Hyurijae Hyurijae
Spa Hyurijae is an enjoyable space for relaxation and healthful rejuvenation.

Echo Ecology Experience
Nakdong River Estuary Eco Center
The Eco Center is helping visitors to bring and nature closer together by preserving the ecology of the Nakdong River Estuary, expanding the wetland areas, creating eco-friendly visitor facilities, presenting various educational and hands-on programs.

Website :

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