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Gyeongju National Museum
This museum houses about 3,000 relics of the Silla Dynasty, including King Seongdeok’s Bell (Emille Bell), No.29 National Treasure , and other ancient treasures you don't want to miss.

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- Tel :+82-54-740-7518
- Open Weekday : 09:00~18:00
- Saturday, Sunday & Legal holidays : 09:00~19:00
- Closed : January 1, and on Mondays
In the Daereungwom tombs complex, Cheonmachong (No.155) is the only one open to the public. In 1973, Cheonmachong was discovered with burial accessories. Of those accessories, there was a saddle flap that a flying horse was painted on the bark of white birch, from which this tomb was named ‘Cheonmachong(Tomb of a flying horse)’.

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- Tel : +82-54-743-1925
- Open : 09:00~22:00
Originally, the site of Yosukgung was where a royal palace for Yosuk princess (the first daughter of the 29th King Taejong Muyul of the Silla Dynasty)existed a very long time ago, and Choi's family, the richest family at the end of Joseon Dynasty, constructed the present Yosukgung. The Choi's family sheltered many resistants and fighters for national independence from the rule of Japanese imperialism, and Yosukgung was a safe hiding place for them.

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- Tel : +82-54-772-3347~8
Seokgulam (Grotto), No.24 National Treasure, is the essence of artistic and scientific spirit, and profound religious aspiration and faith of the Buddhism that had prevailed throughout the Unified Silla Period. (UNESCO World Heritage designated on December 9, 1995)

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- Tel : +82-54-746-9933
This temple, one of cultural assets representing the Buddhism of Korea, is was designated as a World Cultural Asset by UNESCO in 1995.

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- Tel : +82-54-746-9913
- Open : 07:30~17:00
Gyeongju Folk's Hand Craft Village
This Hand Craft Village is where artisans have made handicrafts with a traditional artistry of the Silla Period. The artisans in this Village, who have kept to the tradition of their crafts, can sell their artistic handicrafts directly to the public.

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- Tel : +82-54-746-7270

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