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Geoga Bridge

Geoga Bridge is a 8.2km long 4 lane bridge that will connect Yuho-ri, Jangmok-myeon, Geoje-si to Gadeokdo, Busan. The construction started in Nov. 2003 completed by 2010. With the construction of Daejeon~Tongyeong Expressway and Geoga Bridge, a central axis connecting Daejeon - Jinju - Geoje and a southeastern axis connecting Pohang-Ulsan-Busan-Geoje established. And Geoje will become the hub of southern Gyeongnam and the hub of tourism on south coast.

Geoje Haegeumgang
Geoje Haegeumgang(Galgotdo, Galdo)
Galgotdo(Island) and other isles scattered in the southeast of the Island go by the name of "Haegeumgang". There are strangely shaped rocks and caves on the sea, and fantastic sunset/sunrise at Ilwolbong (Peak). Marina of cruise ship bound for Haegeum River/Oedo is six places (Haegeum River, Dojangpo, Hakdong, Wahyeon, Gujora, Jangseungpo). It is advisable to check the departure of ships in advance before you go to marina.

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Hakdong Mongdol(Pebble) Beach
The beach is covered with round black pebbles that look like black pearls. In spring and autumn, it is frequented by tourists who go around Haegeum River and Hallyeo Marine National Park, and in summer, it is thronged with summer visitors from the whole country.

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Hill of Wind and Sinseondae
If you go up the Hill of Wind along a wooden promenade from the seaside marina of Dongjapo Village, you will see the view of Hakdong Village, well known as Mongdol Beach. On the right of the village is Sinseondae, Hammok Beach, Daebyeongdo, and Sobeyongdo.

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Oedo and Naedo
Oedo (outer isle) and Naedo (inner isle) lie in the east sea of Ilunmyeon. Naedo has accommodation facilities for visitors, and Oedo is a private-owned isle where woods of camellias and 3,000 kinds of subtropical plants are planted.

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Historic Park of Geoje POW Camp
The Park of Geojedo, P.O.W Camp was built to hold prisoners during the Korean War. The camp was closed upon the signing of the 1953 armistice which ended the war. Remains of the war, such as tanks, trucks and other relics are on exhibit here. The camp was turned into a park in 1997 to ensure that the Korean War is not a forgotten war. It takes approximately one hour to walk around the park grounds.

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The Birthplace of EX-President Kim Yeongsam
This house, located at a small inlet village, consists of main house, detached house for men's quarters and guests, gate, and stone wall. It exhibits a calligraphic hanging board he wrote, and photographs from his school days to presidential days.

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