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This is where the sun rises first on the Korean peninsula on New Year's Day. It is popular as a spot for watching the sunrise. The impressive atmosphere is beautiful, as though the picture was painted with nature itself. Nearby attractions include the millennium monument, sculpture park, Jinha Beach, and Seosaengpo Fortress.

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Jangsaengpo Whale Museum
The Jangsaengpo Whale Museum is the only one in South Korea and stands on what used to be a central area for the Korean whaling industry. It was opened after whaling was banned in 1986 and artifacts were collected and put on display. The museum also provides various information on whales.

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Daewangam Park
The rock is named after Queen Munmu of Silla, and bears the legend that Queen Munmu became a dragon of the East Sea and submerged herself under Daewangam rock to protect Korea, following in the footsteps of King Munmu, who gave specific instructions to be buried in the East Sea after his death so that he would become a dragon and protect Silla.

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Taehwa River Grand Park
The park is one of the 12 scenic areas of Ulsan and the Sipri Bamboo Forest is preserved within. The forest and river have been connected to offer an ecological space for relaxation as well as offer citizens a chance to get close to nature.
Ulsan Grand Park
Built on 3.64 million square meters of land, the park is the pride of Ulsan citizens. It combines walk paths, a lake, swimming pool, rose gardens, a zoo and various leisure sports facilities, youth facilities, courses and such to offer a large-scale nature retreat in the center of the city.

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