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MICE Busan -2011: Ranked 4th in asia, 15th in the world among Convention City rankings. 2011: Ranked 3rd Fastest-growing Convention City. -2010: City with largest number of MICE participants nationwide. Diverse Convention Facilities: -Busan Exhibition & Convention Center and Auditorium second largest nationwide. -Approximately 300 varied special venues such as cruises and galleries. -Sports facilities with possible capacity of over 1000 people. A Wide Array of Accommodation: - A total of 55,000 guest rooms in the Busan region. - A total of 9,000 rooms within 10 minutes to convention center. - A wide range of accommodation from youth hostels to five-star hotels. - Accumulated hotel service experience through hosting of varied international conventions. Business and Tourism Hand-in-Hand: - Hotels, sightseeing spots and the world's largest department store located within 10 minutes of the convention center. - Approximately 40 festivals held year-round. - World UNESCO spot sightseeing possible within 1 hour. - Connection with industry inspection tours korea possible (automobiles, shipbuiding, machinery and such). A Perfect Support System : - Centralized support system with Busan Metropolitan City, Busan CVB and Busan MICE Alliance, from securing bids to hosting. - Guaranteed ability in management of large-scale international event hosting and support.