• MICE 도시부산

    - 2017 Ranked 4th in Asia, 7th in the World as a host of International Conference(According to 2017 UIA)
    - 2015 Ranked 5th in Asia, 10th in the World as a host of International Conference(According to 2015 UIA)
    - 2013 Ranked 4th in Asia, 9th in the World as a host of International Conference (According to 2013 UIA)
    - 2013 Ranked 1st in Asia as a fastest growing International Conference City (According to 2013 UIA)
    - 2011 Ranked 4th in Asia, 15th in the World as a host of International Conference (According to 2011 UIA)
    - 2011 Ranked 3rd as a fastest growing International Conference City in the world (According to 2011 UIA)
    - 2010 Gathered Most participants out of all MICE cities (According to 2010 Korea Tourism Organization)

  • Thorough Support System

    - Building inclusive support system overseeing entire hosting process, enabled by city of Busan, BTO Convention Bureau, Busan MICE Alliance
    - Guaranteeing successful operations through hosting and supporting sizable international conferences.

  • 비즈니스와
    관광을 동시에

    - Hotels, tour sites, and world-class malls located within 10 minutes of drive from convention center.
    - 40 different festivals hosted throughout the year, including Busan International Film Festival, and Busan Fireworks Festival.
    - UNESCO tour sites available for visits within one hour of drive.
    - Connection available for visits to Korea’s largest industries (Automobiles, Shipbuilding, Machinery)

  • 풍부한
    숙박시설 보유

    - 55,000 rooms over Busan Area
    - 9,000 rooms 10-minute distance within Convention Center
    - A wide range of accommodations from five-star hotels to youth hostels
    - Accumulated experiences in providing advanced hotel services through numerous international conferences

  • 다양한
    컨벤션시설 보유

    - BEXCO, second largest convention center in Korea, & Auditorium
    - 300 different selections including Cruise and galleries
    - Athletic facilities that accommodates over 1,000 people







주요 MICE 실적 리스트
Year Conference names participant
2018 Annual Meetings of African Development Bank Group 4,000
2017 ITU Telecom World 3,000
2016 7th International Fisheries Convention 3,000
2015 IDB Inter-American Development Bank Annual General Meeting 3,500
2014 ITU Plenipotentiary Conference 530
2013 27th IUSSP 80,000
2012 International Lions Clubs International Conference 10,000
2011 4th High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness 1,000
2010 ITS International Conference 20,000
2009 OECD International Forum 10,000
2008 JCI Asia-Pacific Conference 1,500
2007 International Campus Crusade Conference 10,000
2006 UNESCAP International Transport Forum 3,500
2005 APEC Leader’s and Senior Officer Meeting 55,000
2004 ITU Telecom Asia 2,500
2003 ICCA Regular Meeting & Conference 2,500
2002 FIFA World Cup Group Stage Selection 2,000